Apple’s Calendar Server in docker

For personal use, I set up a docker container running apple’s calendarserver (ccs). A docker-compose file from was adjusted to my needs and extracted from the ccs repo and put in a small new repo containing only the required files to build a container running ccs: http://

Video : Martin Fowler about Event-driven architectures

Excellent talk by Martin Fowler explaining the four common patterns intended when event-driven architecture is discussed. 03:20 Event Notification 08:40 Martin explains clearly the distinction between a command and an event. 14:55 Explanation about Event-carried State Transfer. 20:55 Event Sourcing 43:34 CQRS References

Transparent backups with Duplicati

Duplicati is an open source, free to use application, that can be used to make backups to a large set of storage providers. Some time ago, I was looking for a program to allow me to backup my data to an online storage host like Backblaze or Google Cloud. I first came across CloudBerry ( […]